How to create your PARKS DIRECT account

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Before participating in a Parks and Recreation, Prince George's County program, you’ll need a PARKS DIRECT account. Follow the steps below to get started!

After you create your account, PARKS DIRECT will mark it non-resident. Prince George's County and Montgomery County residents receive a discounted resident fee, 30 percent less than the non-resident fee, on most offerings. Anyone residing outside of the two counties pays a non-resident fee.

You need to verify your residency with PARKS DIRECT to receive the resident discount.

  • Go here to upload your verification documents
  • Go here to learn how to upload your verification documents

Navigate to PARKS DIRECT

1. Go to and select NEW ACCOUNT on the website’s navigation bar at the top of the website.

Enter your account information

2. Enter your required account information on the Household Add page.

PARKS DIRECT labels accounts as households, which are comprised of family members. PARKS DIRECT requires each household to have a primary person who is financially responsible for every family member on the account.

If you select Disability Accommodation Required under Additional Primary Person Information, check the accommodation(s) listed under What type(s) of disability accommodations that match your needs. 

Only select Not Applicable if you chose No Disability Accommodation Required in the box above. If you choose Disability Accommodation Required and check Not Applicable, PARKS DIRECT will not allow you to create your account.

3. To add more family members (your child for example) to your household, select Add New Member on the bottom of the page and enter all their requested information.

4. Complete the captcha and select Save.

Select Add New Contact to enter additional emergency contact information.

After selecting Save, PARKS DIRECT will take you back to the home page signed in to your new account. You will also receive an email confirming your account.

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