How to view tax IDs and tax receipts

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On PARKS DIRECT go to the Childcare Tax Receipts page on the My Account menu. M-NCPPC's Federal Tax Identification (ID) number is 526-001-550.


Go to, and sign in to your PARKS DIRECT account.

Select Login on the upper-right corner of the PARKS DIRECT home page. Enter your username and password on the login window, select the Login button

Go to the Childcare Tax Receipt page

To obtain a tax receipt for the previous calendar year, select My Account > Childcare Tax Receipt.

On the Childcare Tax Receipt page, you'll see options to select the appropriate tax year. You'll also see subtotals for each month and member totals.

Once you're ready, select Submit, and PARKS DIRECT will send a copy to the primary email address on file.

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