How to pay balances due online

Updated Sep 02, 2021

Pay your old balances on PARKS DIRECT’s Pay Old Balances page in the My Account menu.

Go to PARKS DIRECT and log in

Go to to begin paying your old balance.

Log into your PARKS DIRECT account.

Select Login on the upper-right corner of PARKS DIRECT's home page. Enter your username and password on the login window,  select the Login button

Select Log in on the upper-right corner of the website. On the login pop-up window, enter your username and password. Then select the Login button on the login pop-up window. See above.

Go to the Pay Old Balances page

You’ll find My Account on the site’s navigation bar on the top of the page and Pay Old Balances in the menu under the History & Balances section

Select your balances

On the Pay Old Balances page, the site lists old balances beneath the Your Balances heading.

  1. First, select the checkbox next to the balance you want to pay.
  2. Then select Add To Cart, above the Your Balances heading.

If you have more than one balance and would like to pay them all, select the Select All button to the right of the Add To Cart button. Then select Add To Cart.

Select the checkbox next to the balance you want to pay. Then select Add To Cart. See above.

Review your shopping cart

Now in your shopping cart, review your fees and select Proceed To Checkout to finalize your payment.

Select Proceed To Checkout. See above.

Verify your information and accept the refund policy

Verify your information, read the Refund/Cancellation Policy listed at the bottom of the page, and then select Continue & Accept Refund/Cancellation Policy.

Verify your information, then select Continue & Accept Refund/Cancellation Policy. See above.

Finalize your payment

On the next page, enter in your payment information then select Submit Payment. Then select Return to Website.

After selecting Submit Payment, PARKS DIRECT authorizes your card and brings you to the Payment Accepted page. On the Payment Accepted page, you must select Return to Website. Failure to do so could result in PARKS DIRECT charging your card but not finalizing your purchase in our database.

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