How to set up credit card auto-debit

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PARKS DIRECT allows customers to link a credit or debit card to installment bills. When the bill is due, PARKS DIRECT will automatically charge the linked card.

Log in to PARKS DIRECT and go to the Installment Billing page

Go to, and sign in to your PARKS DIRECT account.

Select SIGN IN on the upper-right corner of the PARKS DIRECT home page. Enter your username and password in the login window, then select the Login button.

You’ll find My Account on the navigation bar's right and Installment Billing under the Update section.

Update your bill type

The Installment Billing page shows all of your PARKS DIRECT household's installment bills. For more information, go to this article on installment billing.

Select Update Bill Type for each billing that you want to link to your credit or debit card. Select the Bill Type box and choose Credit Card

There are two bill types. Installment bills (bill type one) charge your PARKS DIRECT account, and credit card bills (bill type two) charge your linked card.

Select Update Bill Type for the bills you want to pay using a linked payment card.

Select Credit Card from the Bill Type drop down. Then click Save.

Back on the Installment Billing page, you will see the message: You must link a Credit Card to this Bill if there is no credit card linked to your PARKS DIRECT account.

Select Update Credit Card to link your credit card.

In order to validate card information, the linked credit card will be authorized for $1.00. This charge will show as pending on your statement but will drop off after a few days.

Next, PARKS DIRECT will bring up a payment form. Fill in all the required information and select Continue.

The Installment Billing page will now reflect that your credit card is linked to the bill. PARKS DIRECT will automatically charge your linked payment card on its due date.

You should see your card's information where it used to read You must link a Credit Card to this Bill.

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