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To open and complete a fillable PDF form, you will need Adobe Reader 7.05 or newer. If you do not have it installed on your computer, you may download the latest version free of charge from

It’s recommended that you first download/save the PDF form to your computer or network drive, and then open it with Adobe Reader and fill it. We do not recommend using any web browser to open the form as most have issues with fillable PDF forms.

How to download/save the fillable PDF to your computer

  • Right-click on the form link and select Save target as… or Save link as…
  • Choose location where you want to save the form and then click the Save button

Opening the saved form in Adobe Acrobat Reader

  • Right click the saved form and choose Open with Adobe Acrobat Reader from the list of available options.

Fill the form using Adobe Acrobat Reader

  • You can either type information directly into each field or cut and paste text from your own word processor.
  • The font is pre-selected and cannot be changed.
  • You can only type regular text (upper and lower cases); the system will not accept underlined text, bold or italics, script or formulas

Saving the form

  • You can save your data and re-open the file later to modify or enter additional information.
  • To save the form either click the Save icon in the top ribbon of Adobe Acrobat Reader or typing Ctrl+S.

Don’t forget to sign your document before turning it in to a program staff member


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