How to review and complete an evaluation

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After your program is finished, you can give feedback by using PARKS DIRECT.

1. Go to and sign in to your PARKS DIRECT account.

  • Select SIGN IN on the upper-right corner of PARKS DIRECT's home page. Then enter your username and password in the boxes. Lastly, select the Login button below the Username and Password boxes.

2. On PARKS DIRECT’s navigation bar, select My Account > Evaluations. You’ll find Evaluations under Update on the My Account menu.

3. On the right side of the Evaluations page, select Complete an Evaluation for the program that you finished.

You can only Complete an Evaluation after a class has ended.

4. Fill out the evaluation information’s boxes and then select Submit.

Once you've submitted an evaluation, you can return and make edits. Go back to the Evaluations page and select Edit an Evaluation next to the evaluation you want to change.

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