How to join a waitlist

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If an activity has reached maximum capacity, it may still be possible to join the activity's waitlist. Should a space become available, the offering community center staff will contact the waitlisted clients in the order they joined via the phone and email listed on the Household.

Find an activity with a waitlist

1.  Go to and sign in to your PARKS DIRECT account.

  • Select SIGN IN on the upper-right corner of PARKS DIRECT's home page. Then enter your username and password in the boxes. Lastly, select the Login button below the Username and Password boxes.

2.  Search for activities by selecting Browse > Activity Search on the navigation bar at the top of PARKS DIRECT (Activity Search is under the Activities section on the dropdown menu).

Join an activity's waitlist

3.  Activity sections that allow you to join a waitlist are indicated by a yellow dot and show Waitlist under its availability status. To join the waitlist, check the checkbox on the section's row.

4.  Select Add To Cart on the pop-up banner at the bottom of the screen.

5.  Select the checkbox under the PARKS DIRECT family member who's participating in the activity. Next, select Continue.

  • Participants have to register on PARKS DIRECT as a family member if they are not already (on the top right of the screen, select MY ACCOUNT  > Household & Member and go to the bottom and select Add New Member).

6.  Note the position on the waitlist and select Continue.

7.  Review your shopping cart and select Proceed To Checkout. Although joining a waitlist is free, you must complete the checkout process to join.

If your shopping cart's free waitlist item isn’t processed, PARKS DIRECT will not add you to the waitlist. Leaving the waitlist item in your cart will not add you on the waitlist.

8.  Review your checkout information, then select Continue.

PARKS DIRECT does not collect payment information for joining waitlists, as there is no cost associated with this process.

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