How to sign up for summer child care at Glenridge

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Before signing up for summer child care, make sure you have Glenridge’s verification code.

1. Go to and sign in to your PARKS DIRECT account.

  • Select SIGN IN on the upper-right corner of PARKS DIRECT's home page. Then enter your username and password in the boxes. Lastly, select the Login button below the Username and Password boxes.

2. On PARKS DIRECT’s navigation bar, select Browse > Activity Search. You’ll find Activity Search under Activities on the Browse menu.

Add child care to your cart

3. On the Activity Search page, move down the page until you see the Activity Number filter on the left of the screen. Select the filter and enter 13601 in the Activity Number box. Then select Search.

4. Move down the page and select the tiny calendar icon next to the week you want to sign up for child care.

5. On the calendar that PARKS DIRECT brings up, select the green shopping cart icons on the date(s) you would like child care. Then select Add To Cart.

Complete your purchase

6. On the next page, check the checkbox under the child who’s attending.

  • Children in child care need to be registered on PARKS DIRECT as a family member. To add a family member, go to the top right of the screen, select MY ACCOUNT  > Household & Member, and select the Add New Member button at the bottom of the page.

7. Enter the verification code the child care center gave you into the requested question box. Next, select the checkbox next to Copy Fees. Then select Continue.

Please note that you will have to enter the code for each day you selected on the calendar. For example, if you selected three days on the calendar, you will have to enter the code three times.

8. Review the items in your cart and then select Proceed To Checkout.

9. Move down the new page, enter your payment information, complete the captcha, and select Continue.

After paying, do not use the back button on your browser.

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