Outdoor pool reservation rules

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The Department of Parks and Recreation's outdoor swimming pools offer reservations. Because pools allow a limited number of walk-in visits, a reservation guarantees you access. For information on operating hours, swim sessions, fees, etc., go to Prince George's Parks and Recreation's page on summer pool operations.

The following policies allow for the safe operation of our outdoor swimming pools while allowing equitable opportunities for use by all of our customers

  • You may only reserve space at the pool for members on your PARKS DIRECT household. Guests will also have to make reservations with PARKS DIRECT.
  • Pools are only open for use during listed time blocks and will be closed between blocks.
  • The earliest you can make a reservation is ten days prior to the reservation date. The latest you can make a reservation is 7 p.m. the night before your reservation.

Social distancing guidelines for our outdoor pools

  • At the entrances of outdoor pools, you will confirm the names of each person in your reservation. Facilities at capacity can deny access to drop-ins.
  • When your pool session is over, please follow our exit procedures. The lifeguard will give a 15 minute warning that the swim session is ending.
  • Please bring water to limit the use of a facility's water fountains.
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