Refund and cancellation policies

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Go to Prince George's Department of Parks and Recreation's website to see our policy on refund, cancellation, withdrawal, and proration.

Course withdrawals 

  • You can withdraw from a course, also known as a program, online or in person at any staffed Parks and Recreation facility. However, to withdraw from a program within seven days of its start date, you have to contact the facility offering the program. If you're withdrawing online, go to our article on withdrawals and cancellations

Membership withdrawals

  • You can only withdraw from a membership for emergency/medical reasons


  • For most programs, prorated registrations and withdrawals are available in the form of credit based on time you missed. 

Refund policy

  • If Parks and Recreation cancels your program, you are entitled to a total refund or credit.
  • If you withdraw from a program (in most cases) you will receive a prorated credit, which is based on the remaining number of sections and a 20 percent withdrawal fee, on your PARKS DIRECT account.

Rental cancellations

  • Policy varies from facility to facility. Contact the facility you're renting from to learn about their policy.

Summer camps and extended care

  • For summer camps, PARKS DIRECT will charge a $50 withdrawal fee per child. However, if you withdraw or transfer from a camp within the first two weeks of your resident registration dates, you will not receive a penalty.
  • Extended care withdrawals are assessed a 20 percent fee. 

Summer playground and Summer Xtreme Teen Centers

  • Withdrawals are non-refundable and non-transferable. 
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