How to Request a facility for Community Connect

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To request a rental waiver using the Community Connect Coupon, go to You must sign in using your organization's information, or PARKS DIRECT will submit your waiver under PARKS DIRECT's "Guest Household."

You will be asked to confirm or update your Primary Person Information. Select Save.

Select SIGN IN / REGISTER on the top right hand side.

Enter your organization's login credentials.

  1. Ensure that you are under the correct household (Your partner organization account).
  2. To search for a facility, select Links.
  3. Under Links, select Community Connect Partner Request.

Once you identify the facility, select a date to search the facility by Date.

  1. Search facilities by Date.
  2. Search facility name in Keyword Search.
  3. Choose the time frame.
  4. Select Add To Cart.

If you have multiple individuals listed in your account, select the person who will be responsible for the event. Proceed by selecting Continue.

  1. Enter the number of Expected attendees*, not exceeding the listed capacity for the facility.
  2. Enter amenities in the Amentities Request text box. (Example 20 Chairs, 5 Tables, Park police, Large trash cans.)
  3. Enter BRIEF event description in the Reservation Purpose text box.
  4. Read each statement then check the I agree with the above checkbox.
  5. Select Continue.

Select Proceed To Checkout.

  1. Verify that the Billing Information is correct.
  2. Select Continue once complete

The request is not approved until the second email with the Permit-Firm receipt is received

Your transaction is complete! Wait for a response from offering facility.

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