How to rent a park building

Updated Jun 08, 2021

Prince George’s Parks and Recreation's historic mansions, multipurpose rooms, gymnasiums, facilities, and more are available for you to rent for hosting your next event.

  1. Go to to begin scheduling your rental.
  2. Log in to your Parks Direct account.
    • Select Login on the upper-right corner of the Parks Direct home page. Then enter your Parks Direct username and password in the login pop-up window. Lastly, select the Login button below the Username and Password boxes.
  3. Select Browse > Park Buildings. You'll find the Browse menu on the navigation bar at the top of the website and Park Buildings under the Park Permits section.

Select Login on the upper-right corner, enter your username and password, and then select the Login button on the pop-up window. See above.

Select Browse > Park Buildings. See above.

Enter the date of your rental

  1. Select the date inside the Date box.
  2. From the pop-up calendar that appears, select the date you want to make your rental.

To view future months, select the current month at the top of the pop-up calendar. A dropdown list with every month will appear. On the dropdown list, select the month that you want to rent a shelter.

Select the date inside the Date box, and then select your rental's date from the calendar. See above.

Enter the facility you're renting

  1. Select the Facility box and choose the facility you want to reserve from the dropdown list.
  2. Select Search, which is to the left and below the page's facility search criteria area.

You can select Display Option to change how facilities are displayed.

Listing - Shows facilities a list.

Detail - Shows facilities in a list with prices.

Calendar - Shows the availability for the month you selected in the Date box.

Map - Shows an overhead view of a facility on a map.

Select All Facilities inside the Facility box, and then select the facility you want to rent from the dropdown list. See above.

Enter your rental's time frame

  1. Choose your rental's time frame by selecting the green cart icon under the shelter you chose.
  2. Select Add To Cart on the yellow pop-up banner. 

Select the green cart icon to the left of your rental's time slot. Then select Add To Cart from the yellow pop-up banner. See above.

Enter your rental information

  1. In the Expected Attendance box, enter an estimate for how many people will attend your event.
  2. Select Continue under the Expected Attendance box.
  3. In the Reservation Purpose box, write the reason why you are renting the facility. For example, you might rent a park building for a 3-year-old’s birthday party, high school graduation party, or family reunion. 
  4. Select Continue under the Reservation Purpose box.

In the Expected Attendance box, enter how many people will be at the facility you're renting , and then select Continue. See above.

Park buildings' capacity varies from building to building.

In the Reservation Purpose box, enter the reason you are renting the facility and then select Continue.  See above.

Review waivers and policy, then finalize your payment

  1. Read the rental waiver. Then select the checkbox next to I agree with the above > Continue.
  2. In the shopping cart, review your rental and select Proceed To Checkout.
  3. Move down the new page, review your billing information, and select Continue & Accept Refund/ Cancellation Policy.
  4. Enter your payment information. Then select Pay.

Select the checkbox next to I agree with the above  > Continue. See above.

Review your shopping cart and select Proceed To Checkout. See above.

Review your billing information and select Continue & Accept Refund/Cancellation Policy. See above.

Enter your payment information and select Pay. See above.

After selecting pay, do not use the back button on your browser.

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