Credit Card Auto-debit

PARKS DIRECT allows customers to link a credit or debit card to their installment bills. On the due date, the linked card will automatically be charged for the amount due.

  1. Log into your PARKS DIRECT account and click My Account.
  2. Select Installment Billing from the Updates menu.

This page shows any scheduled installment bills for your household. For more information on the displayed information, check out this article on Installment Billing.

To switch the bill type between Installment Bill (charge your PARKS DIRECT account) and Credit Card (charge your card), click Update Bill Type for each billing.

A prompt appears to select the Bill type.

  1. Select the bill type you want.
    1. Installment Bill: Apply balance to your PARKS DIRECT account.
    2. Credit Card: Charge your card for the amount due.
  2. Click Save.

Back on the Installment Billing page, the bill type will be updated to your selection.

If Credit Card was selected and a credit card has not already been linked, the message You must link a Credit Card to this bill will be displayed.

To link a credit card, click Update Credit Card.

A payment form will appear. Fill out all the required information and click Pay.

In order to validate the card information, the credit card will be authorized for $1.00. This charge will show as pending on your statement but will drop off after a few days.

The Installment Billing page will now reflect that a credit card has been linked to the bill. The linked card will automatically be charged the amount shown on the date shown.