Installment Billing

Viewing your scheduled installment bills is done through the My Account menu on PARKS DIRECT.

  1. Log into your PARKS DIRECT account and click My account.
  2. Select Installment Billing from the Updates menu.

This page shows any scheduled installment bills for your household. Information displayed includes:

  1. The name of the family member for which the billing is associated with.
  2. The description of the item (course, rental, pass, etc) that the billing is for.
  3. The date in which the next bill will come due.
  4. The method in which the bill will be charged:
    1. Installment Bill: the amount due will be charged to your PARKS DIRECT account on the date shown.
    2. Credit Card: the amount due will be charged to the linked credit card on the date shown.
  5. The amount due.

A credit card can be linked to installment bills. Once linked, the credit card will automatically be charged the amount shown on the due date. Check out this article to learn how to link a credit card.