Signing Up for Summer Child Care at Glenridge

Go to

Click "Login" in the top right hand corner.

Login to your ParksDirect account.

Click on “Browse".

Select Activity Search

Enter "13601" in Activity number then hit Search.

Click on the tiny calender for the week you would like to participate in.

Click the date(s) you would like to attend then click add to cart.

Select the child that will attend the course

Answer the question with code given to you by child care center. check copy fee and select the fee

Please note that you will have to enter the code for each day select

Example if you have selected 3 days you will have to enter the code 3 times.


Review the items in cart and then click Proceed To Checkout

Scroll down and review your billing information then click Continue & Accept Refund/Cancellation Policy.

Enter in Credit card information and the billing address. Then hit Pay.

After hitting pay do not click the back button.