Canceling a Reservation/Course/Membership

Go to

Click Login in the top right hand corner.

Login to your ParksDirect account.

Click on My Account.

Click Cancellations.

Click the Check box next to the item you wish to cancel.

Click Proceed to Checkout.

Please note that depending on when you are canceling and the item you are canceling, you may be charged an administrative/cancellation fee.

Some items can not be canceled online and require you to contact the offering facility.

Select your Refund method.

Apply To Credit Card Used During Sale - Will return the credit in 3 - 5 Business days back to the credit card that was used.

Apply To Household - Will apply the credit to the RecTrac account to be used at a later time.

Request Refund Check - Will return the credit in the form of a check in 3-4 weeks and be sent to the address on the account.

Then Scroll down and click "Continue & Accept/Cancellation Policy."

Once you Click "Continue & Accept/Cancellation Policy" your refund will be processed and cannot be undone

If you would like the receipt sent to a different email, enter it where it says Email confirmation sent to then hit Submit.

Then click Logout.