How to use PARKS DIRECT with the Your Guide to register for programs

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Using “Your Guide to Parks and Recreation” in tandem with PARKS DIRECT is a great way to find and register for programs.

There are essentially three steps:

  1. Find a copy of the current "Your Guide" and a fun program
  2. Register for the program with PARKS DIRECT
  3. Complete your registration

Find a copy of the current "Your Guide"

Get a copy of the most recent “Your Guide.” You can find a digital version using the following link: Or you can pick up the printed version from your nearest Parks and Recreation Department, Prince George’s County community center.

After you find a program that you or someone you know would like to enroll in, make a note of the program’s full code, which is listed below the program’s title. For example, 22601-120A is the full code for a section of the "Archery: Mixed Ages" program that's scheduled during the 2024 winter season.

Programs usually have a few sections, which all have their own full code. A program’s full code consists of two parts, a five-digit activity number followed by a hyphen and a four-to-five-digit section number.

Register for the program with PARKS DIRECT

Go to and sign in to your PARKS DIRECT account.

First, select SIGN IN / REGISTER in the upper-right corner of the home page. Then enter your username and password, and select the Login button below the login boxes.

If you need to create your account, learn how by using the following link:

Once logged in, click on "Browse" at the top of the page to open the drop-down menu, and click on "Enroll by Activity Number".

Once at the "Activity Registration" page, fill in the 5 digit Activity number in the first slot, and then the section number in the second slot. You may then press "Add To Cart".

If the program is full, you can add you or your family member(s) to the waitlist at no charge. PARKS DIRECT will only charge you if you enroll in the program. Go to this article to learn how to join a waitlist.

If your household has multiple eligible people for this activity, you will be taken to the "Family Member Selection" page, and you may select any number of people who will be joining this activity.

To add a PARKS DIRECT family member, go to the top right of the page, select MY ACCOUNT  > Household & Member, and select the Add New Member button near the bottom of the page.

Your activity may require a waiver, if so, read the waiver then check the checkbox next to I agree with the above and then select Continue.

Complete your registration

Complete the transaction by selecting Proceed To Checkout.

Fill in your payment information. Then select Continue on the bottom left of the checkout screen.

Upon successful payment processing, PARKS DIRECT will take you to the Checkout Confirmation screen, and you, or someone you know, will be registered for the program!


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