How to pay a park building's security deposit

Updated Nov 03, 2021

All park building rentals require a refundable $200 security deposit. Security deposits are refunded about two to three weeks after the rental date and a passed inspection.

After you pay your security deposit, you will receive an email confirming your payment and the rental's permit and access code.

Sign in to PARKS DIRECT and go to Current Balances

1. Go to and sign in to your PARKS DIRECT account.

  • Select SIGN IN on the upper-right corner of PARKS DIRECT's home page. Then enter your username and password in the boxes. Lastly, select the Login button below the Username and Password boxes.

2. Select My Account > Current Balances on the navigation bar.

Add the security deposit to your cart

3. Select Pay existing balances in the paragraph below Other options.

4. Under Account History, check the checkbox to the left of your refundable security deposit fee. Then select Add To Cart.

Complete your payment

5. Review your shopping cart and select Proceed To Checkout.

6. Review the checkout information, and enter your payment information if needed.

7. Select Continue. You can also donate to a Parks and Recreation sponsored charity by selecting the Add a Donation button.


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