Registration Days

The Department of Parks and Recreation offers four activity sessions each year. These include Spring (March to May), Summer (June to August), Fall (September to November), and Winter (December to February). A separate session is offered for summer day camp programs.

Registration begins the month prior to each session. The schedule is typically as follows. For actual registration dates each session, visit or pick up a copy of the seasonal "Your Guide to Parks and Recreation" publication.

Session Program Info Available Registration Begin Time Resident Registration Non-Resident** Registration Impact Area Registration***
Spring February 1 7am
Second Monday in February* Third Monday in February**** First Monday in February
Summer May 1 7am Second Monday in May* Third Monday in May
First Monday in May
Fall August 1 7am Second Monday in August* Third Monday in August First Monday in August
Winter November 1 7am Second Monday in November* Third Monday in November
First Monday in November****
Summer Day Camp February 1 9am Last Saturday in February First Saturday in March Last Saturday in February (no separate IA reg.)

*When the first day of month falls on a Monday, all dates shift by  one week (IA = second Monday, R = third Monday, NR = fourth Monday).

**For registration periods, only Prince George's County residents are considered residents. Residents of Montgomery County and all other jurisdictions begin registration one week later.

***For programs at the Prince George's Sports and Learning Complex only. Residents must live in the defined Impact Area radius surrounding the facility.

****On Presidents Day and when Veterans Day is observed on a Monday, registration begins on Tuesday instead.