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How to Reserve an Open Shelter

Go to

Click "Login" in the top right hand corner.

Login to your ParksDirect account.

Click on “Browse".

Select Neighborhood Park Open Shelters

Click date then select your date on the calendar.

You can select Display Option and change how facilities are displayed.

Listing - Shows facility in a list format.

Detail - Shows facility in a list format with prices.

Calendar - Shows the availability for the month you selected under date.

Graphical - Currently unavailable

Select your facility and then click Add To Cart.

Enter in your Reservation Purpose. 

Ex. 3 year old birthday party

High School graduation party

Family Reunion

Then read the rental wavier then click "I agree with the above" then click continue.

Review you Rental in the shopping cart, then click Proceed To Checkout.

Scroll down and review your billing information then click Continue & Accept Refund/Cancellation Policy.

Enter in Credit card information and the billing address. Then hit Pay.

After hitting pay do not click the back button.