Register for an Activity

Search for activity codes or keywords using the search bar on the middle of the screen:

Click the plus sign (+) to add an activity to your shopping cart:

A footer appears at the bottom of the screen confirming your selection. Click Add To Cart.

If you haven't logged into your PARKS DIRECT account, you will be prompted to do so upon adding the activity to your cart.

Choose the customer from your account that will be participating in the activity by checking the box for each family member. You may enroll multiple people for the same activity simultaneously:

The activity enrollment is added to the shopping cart! You may browse other options by clicking Continue Shopping or finalize the transaction by clicking Proceed To Checkout.

Fill in payment information as necessary:

Upon successful payment processing, you'll be directed to a page where you can:

  1. Fill out a quick survey about your experience.
  2. Donate to our Kids to Camp program.
  3. View receipt as a PDF.
  4. Email a copy of your receipt to any address.
  5. Continue shopping for other items and activities.